Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My Muses

It seems like a long time since I got to do a challenge, so I decided to take a challenge break! The new GPP Street Team Crusade (no. 14) is called "Imaginary Friends". It asks the question, "Who or what is your muse?"

I think that my muses must be angels, because they turn up so often in my art. Whether they are vintage-style, cute or elegant, angels show up in many of my creations, as ornaments or wall decorations, on cards, altered books, wearables - everywhere!

Here is a children's board book that I turned into an angel altered book. The all-gold angel is on the front cover, and the all-silver angel is on the back cover. (Of course, all the inside pages have angels on them as well!) Thanks for looking! (HI Michelle!) :)


michelle ward said...

Artkat - angels are another good Muse! Thanks for joining the Crusade and sharing your angel book - the covers make me think of the old girl scout song "make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other's gold". What would we do with our guardian angels?

Jo Anne Owens said...

Hey ArtKat!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for saying such nice things about my "word doodle"!!

Love your altered board book..I have yet to do one but I have one set aside for when I have the time to get to it!

Your inches are really great too! I love making them...but haven't had a whole lot of free time as of late...however they might inspire me to make a few here pretty soon!


MezzoKat said...

What wonderful muses, and what an absolutely gorgeous altered angel book!

Barone said...

The angels are such inspiring muses. I hope you see the highly evident angel within you. Thanks for sharing what inspires you! jodi barone

Heather Robinson said...

These are really marvleous. I love that you used a children's board book to create them.

Janine said...

Angels are definitely inspiring muses! I have so many of them in my life! Fabulous book as well.