Friday, May 2, 2008

Stencils, Part 3

GPP Street Team, Crusade No. 19 (third time): Wanting to make some stenciled backgrounds for inchies and/or ATCs, I decided that I needed some very small stencils, not found in any store. Of course, I made my own! The very tiniest ones were made with shaped punches, the rest I cut out of plastic with my heat tool. Acrylic paints were used on all the backgrounds. The pink one uses the stencils and their masks. The center one is done over a mixed text background. The one with all the different designs (the long piece on the far left in the photo) was the most fun to make, I just went crazy with all the colors!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! They are so colorful....just like store bought papers!!

Kimbo said...

Love the little stencils ! Perfect of ATC's or cards. Great idea ! Your papers turned out great.

michelle ward said...

Kat - what fun papers! Very clever to make little stencils. I cheat and use my punches to make mini stencils and masks but I shouldn't have told you could enable a shopping trip. Thanks for sharing with the team!

tina's space said...

Thanks so much for visiting. I was so busy this month I did not get to visit other street teamers. I dig your tiny stencils. awesome!! you were busy this month too. isn't it just too much fun.

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

OMG! you make it look so EASY! I'm not sure I'm a huge fan of the cutting out stencils process tho I adore the outcome! My fingers were stiff afterwards and the STRESS! well, I felt it, especially when my stencils were less than perfect. LOL I did learn a lot and without this crusade I may not ever have tried this.

gorgeous artwork! I'm so IMPRESSED with your ability to CUT IT OUT. Art on, Monica :):):)