Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Inchie Explosion!

I just finished scanning 4 sets of inchies that I've completed in the last few days. (While I had the time, I've been trying to get ahead on some swaps.) I've only been making inchies since the spring, and already I've made 401 of them. This includes inchies that I created, even the ones that have been traded. They added up pretty fast, since I started out making 27 inchies in my first sets. (The reason I started by making that many is I have some heavy cardstock in 3" x 9" strips, which makes 27 inchies on each strip!) Pictured here are the yellow inchies I made for a swap. They are made with two layers of cardstock; the top layer was rubbed with a yellow dye ink pad. The backgrounds have additional torn paper strips, marker or glitter glue. All have yellow images and descriptive words, some even have mini buttons or jewels!


Andrea said...

Wow these are fab, I am amazed at how much detail you can get on them

All Pink girl said...

these are fab ,you are so clever Dawnx