Thursday, October 18, 2007

Inchie Habit

These are the indigo inchies for a swap. Indigo was by far the hardest color I had to make: I knew they had to be dark, but how dark, and should they be violet-blue or not? Finally, I had to stop asking myself these questions and just do it! The cardstock has various printed papers added to it, and most of the images are from postage stamps. The embellishments include mini buttons or mini confetti stars (iridescent or silver) or glitter glue (which doesn't show up much). Thanks for looking, hugs! :)


All Pink girl said...

you realy amaze me with your inchies,they are brilliant ,thanks for stoping by and leaving a lovely comment Dawnx

Krissie said...

I've never made an inchie, but looking at your fab collection I am now tempted! thanks for the inspiration.