Thursday, June 28, 2007

Art Books

If you read my post yesterday about quick fixes for creative blocks, you know that one of the quick fixes is looking through books. Although I mentioned that the books you read don't have to art/craft related, I personally like to get inspired by reading art books.

So far, I have amassed a nice little collection of art books, some of them "how-to" books, others are "eye candy" art inspirations.

These are the types of books I have on my shelf right now: altered art, altered books, paper, polymer clay, variety/general art and craft, collage and naturals. It's easy to see why I like altered art books - I enjoy working on altered art projects. But why do I have several polymer clay books? I don't use a lot of polymer clay, but when I do, I like to have information about it on hand. When I have a polymer clay issue, I like to look in the books and see what the experts recommend. Also, the clay items in the book are beautiful and awe-inspiring!

In my opinion, these are the two types of art books to buy: the "informative" type, to learn about the kinds of projects one would like to make, and the "inspiring" type, to get the creative juices going! Both of these types of books have their uses, and both would make valid purchases.

Of course, if your finances are a little low, go back and look through art books that you already own. Look at those old books with new eyes, and you may notice something totally different! Also, if you can't afford a new book right now, that shouldn't stop you from bookstore browsing. As you browse, you may see something you'd like to purchase at a later date, as well as eliminate books that aren't your cup of tea. So get out those books, and get inspired!

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