Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Love those adhesives!

Hi there!

Today I wanted to mention a bit about adhesives and glues - it's a hot topic,, because everybody's got 'em, everybody needs 'em for something! My favorite adhesive products are from Beacon Adhesives - they make Zip Dry Paper Glue, Kid's Choice Glue, 3-in-1 Advanced Craft Glue, among many others.

Zip Dry is a quick-drying, non-wrinkling adhesive on most types of paper, but it's also great for gluing small charms, buttons, etc. on paper projects. Living in a dry area, I find that glue sticks do not work well for me, especially in the long-term. Since I do a lot of paper projects, I use other adhesives as well, such as double-sided adhesive sheets, but the Zip Dry really is a great multi-purpose paper glue! I'm always interested to know what kind of adhesives people use, and why, so if you have favorites, drop me a line!

(P.S. - The photo is of an art journal page I finished last night - no words at all on this one! I pre-painted some journal pages with acrylic a while back, then when I thought this background sort olooked like flowers, I drew in petals w/ a marker, then added the details w/ Glaze pens.)

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