Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mothers and Creativity

One of my favorite blogs is "Art Junk" by Lia, and today she wrote some things that struck a cord with me. Lia was wondering about why she loves "bits and pieces" and collage so much - she thought it might have something do to with seeing her mother working as a seamstress while she was a child.

Some of the things that Lia describes sound very, very familiar to me, like the part about her mother holding pins in her mouth (my mom used to do that all the time). There was always plentypins on the floor and fabric around our house, as well.

Although there are similarities in our stories, some situations were/are strikingly different. For instance, my mom sewed a lot of our clothes and household items, she sometimes sewed for other family members and occasionally was paid to sew for others. And since my mom sews now for fun and profit (for craft shows), she understands my desire to create for income, enjoyment and expression. Having a mom who supports my creativity makes me very lucky, indeed!

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lia said...

Hi ArtKat!! Thanks for sharing this! Yes, our situations were/are different, but no matter, we love to create and that is what is important. My Mom has come around a bit...even gives me some nice things for "that stuff I do", but I know in my heart she grew up in a different time (had kids later) and she was doing what she thought was best for me. :) Lia

p.s. she only made us a few pieces of clothing when we were toddlers...then she stopped, but she did tell me she'd make my wedding gown and she did indeed! That was one of her presents to me. :)