Thursday, June 28, 2007

Creative Block Quick Fixes

There are numerous ways to try to remove your creative blocks. Notice I said "try to" - not every way works for every artist. Here are some "quick fixes" that have worked for me and/or other artist friends:

1. Get some fresh air and a fresh perspective. Go for a walk, exercise, play with the kids, ride a bike.

2. Go window shopping. Window shopping treats your eyes and brain to new color combinations, shapes and patterns. The stores you browse don't have to relate to art/craft, and you don't need to buy (unless you want to)!

3. Read a book, magazine or catalog. For me, this is like window shopping without leaving home. Again, the reading material doesn't have to be art/craft related.

4. Clean/sort your art materials. Who's work area doesn't straightening up now and then? (I'd say clean another area of your living space, but that may be going just a bit too far!)

5. Do some "anything goes" art. Do something that nobody ever has to see: work on a page in a journal or on scrap material, scribble, draw, slap on paint, glue with reckless abandon, create like a child.

In a future post, I'll list some additional ideas for overcoming creativity blocks.

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