Friday, July 13, 2007

Bread Clay Angel

I made this bread clay angel quite a few years ago. She was simply baked and varnished. Looking at her reminds me of a favorite clay book that I have - it's called Dough Creations, by Pat Gardner and Kay Gleason, published in 1977. I bought it at a yard sale a long time ago. Besides going over the history of dough artistry, this book also has some edible dough recipes and four good inedible dough recipes. Each "craft dough" recipe has its own chapter, which includes not only the dough recipe with directions, but also several projects with complete instructions. Although I've had this book for years, I still go back to it occasionally. If you like working with clays ad you find this book, get it! It's a keeper!

Enjoy the weekend! If you find an opportunity, do something artsy or crafty!

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