Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Even More Cards

Okay, I'm back to the card posting again! As you can see, here are a couple more cards using the same printed ephemera papers as the previous cards - these are lasting a long time and making quite a few cards! When I was organizing my papers recently, I decided that I had held on to this book of printed ephemera papers for too long, and that I should make use of them in some projects. What did I get myself into, and when will it all end? (Just kidding! I actually enjoy making cards, when I don't have other projects that NEED to be done, like now!) I've been thinking that when I'm through with this set of cards, I may add some words on the fronts of some of them, the ones that look a little plainer. I have an assortment of vellum words/quotes for many occasions that I could use. That's it for now, I need to get going on another project!

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