Thursday, July 12, 2007

Copyright links/Suede Pouch

If you do any sort of collage work or utilize "used" materials in your artwork, you may have wondered about copyright issues. There are so many misconceptions floating around about copyrights. To bring better understanding of these issues, I've found a couple websites that might help: Duke University put copyright law basics in easy-to-understand comic book form , and has copyright law relevant to collage artists.
The pouch on the right is mine, made from soft turquoise suede w/ copper iron-on thread borders. In each curlique of copper thread, there is a clear rhinestone. In the picture, you can see a jewelry embellishment on the flap, which is not there anymore! After I colored a junk jewelry piece w/ copper metallic pen and changed its rhinestones to aqua and clear, I really liked this pouch. I wore it to conventions, etc. to put my biz cards and cell phone in. The last time I wore it, I lost the beloved embellishment, so now I need to replace it!
I am so tired, and I need to get some work done, so I'd better get to it! Bye for now!

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